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Why Ford is so popular in Britain

Date Added: November 22, 2012 06:38:00 AM
Category: Shopping: Vehicles and Auto

Ford recently came under fire for the way it handled an announcement that it is to close two of its UK plants. The company’s Southampton Transit van factory and the stamping plant at Dagenham in east London will close, at the loss of 1,400 UK staff. Ford disclosed that the decision to close the sites was taken "against a backdrop of the severe and persistent economic crisis in Europe". Car sales in Western Europe are at a 20-year low leaving Ford eager to scale back it’s manufacturing to fall in line with reduced demand.

This drop in demand is caused by the economic downturn and merely masks the fact that Ford’s is still one of Britain’s favourite carmakers. Here are three reasons why Britain loves Ford:


The popularity of Ford vans is remarkable. It is claimed that nine out of ten Vans in commercial use on UK roads are made by Ford. The range of commercial vans that Ford offer covers the needs of multi-national companies hauling tonnes of cargo each year across the UK down to SMEs shifting small loads from town to town. Even after thirty-five years, Ford remains the most trusted manufacturer of versatile, spacious, reliable and affordable vans in the world.

Improving flagging British greats

In late 1989, Ford paid over 2.5 billion dollars to buy Jaguar. It seemed an odd decision to acquire a long-suffering carmaker that had been dogged by poor quality for generations and had no money for improvement.

Ford managed to revolutionise Jaguar’s product range, quality control and customer service before selling it in 2008. The improvement was so vast that in a trusted US Power IQS survey in the early '90s, Jaguar was named the top brand in the world based on its improvement.

Ford has also been the knight in shining armour for Aston Martin and Range Rover over the last two decades.
Quality and price

Ford is renowned for offering some of the best made cars in the world at affordable prices. Its range of offerings includes Ka and Fiestas for affordable thrills at the lower end of the market. However, mid range motors are where they come into their own; offering up the reliable Mondeo and Focus. Meanwhile at the Top end the Kuga, Ranger and Galaxy cater for the larger end of the market place.�

The range of pre-owned and new fords available online is huge. If you search Ford dealers Bristol in Google for example, you will be inundated with millions of results.

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