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Magic Of Silk Satin Dresses

Date Added: February 04, 2009 12:37:51 AM
Category: Shopping: Clothing and Apparel

Silk satin is one of the most sought after fabrics due to its beguiling qualities. The softness is the best one that gives a feel as if pouring water on skin. It gives a very special feel on wearing as of a luxurious princess.

Satin has a special glow and when mixed with silk becomes softer. Silk and satin together makes a wonderful combination. Silk Satin is the most beloved fabric of all and is highly appreciated by all for its fantastic qualities. Silk Satin, hub of myriad qualities is used in the making of many things, but especially dresses. Their feel and sensation is just like skin and is very comfortable too. Other things where it is highly used are in bed sheets, pillow covers, shoes, covers and so on. Once you get a taste of silk satin you will want it in everything. There is no other fabric than silk satin that can give nice feel like it. Along with smoothness it also provides a cooling effect.

Satin is made out of many other fabrics also like synthetic, cotton, chiffon etc but no other combination is as chic as silk satin. The main thing that makes this combination an ace is that silk is a natural material. Every natural thing breathes and so silk, which also ascertains that your skin is also breathing. Silk provides way to the skin to let air passes through it. This is not the case with other fabrics, though how much soft or glossy they are. They will never give you the same feel as silk gives. Even satin is also soft but it also alone cannot provide this. Hence when silk is combined with satin imparts its qualities to it also. So silk satin ensure cool and fresh feel throughout the day, therefore so much in demand.

Silk satin plays a great role in the making of various types of dresses. Every occasion dress can be made out of it. Like wedding dresses, bridal gowns, evening gowns, ball gowns, party dresses, designer dresses, hot dresses, beaded dresses, two-piece dresses, cocktail dresses, plus size dresses etc. It nicely falls over each curve of the body and gives a beautiful impression with its shine. Whether want to wear sophisticated look for the wedding or classic look for evening, the silk satin dress is substantial choice for all.

As silk is natural fabric, likewise there is natural reason behind giving its shine. Silk fabric containing silk moth has numerous extended hairs like fibers having threadlike cells, which reflects great shine. These fibers are triangular in shape like prisms that reflect the light from many different angles. This is the reason why silk has a natural glow to it that you cannot find anywhere else.

These all are the reasons why silk satin is so much in hype. People are crazy after it, due to its great charm and attractive qualities. Whenever you want to look special or want to feel grand go for silk satin dresses, as with giving glow, it also possesses feminine appeal.

Source: ArticlesBase
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